Project Proponent Resources for New PCBs Program

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Project Proponents: to obtain application materials for a demolition permit (including forms and instructions related to the new program to manage PCBs), and for any questions regarding the new program, please contact the municipality where your demolition site is located. Click here for links to the municipality webpages.

Links to selected resources for project proponents are provided below.

BASMAA Materials

Industry Factsheet
Protocol to Conduct Building PCBs Survey (REVISED 11-6-2019)
BASMAA Industry Webinar

EPA and the Regional Water Board Materials

PCB Facility Approval Streamlining Toolbox (FAST)
Practical Actions for Reducing Exposure to PCBs in Schools and Other Buildings
PCBs in Building Materials – Questions & Answers
PCBs in Building Materials – Fact Sheet
Cleaning up PCBs in San Francisco Bay


Consultant and Contractor Qualifications

Currently there is no certification program for firms conducting PCBs surveys or abatement. However, two Bay Area industry groups have provided the information summarized below.

ANCEC – Association of Northern California Environmental Consultants. ANCEC has indicated that all of its members (about 15 consulting firms) state that they are qualified to conduct a pre-demolition PCBs building survey. ANCEC’s membership roster is posted on its web page.

AEC – Association of Environmental Contractors. AEC has indicated that all of its members (about 15 contractors) state that they are qualified to conduct PCBs abatements. AEC’s membership roster is posted on its web page.

Please note that the SCVURPPP is simply passing along the above information and has not attempted to evaluate the qualifications of any of the firms that are members of ANCEC or AEC. The above should therefore not be construed as an endorsement of any firm or organization by the SCVURPPP.

Also please note there are many laboratories that are certified to conduct the PCBs analysis method called for in BASMAA’s building survey protocol. Any qualified consultant/contractor should generally be familiar with these laboratories.

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