Ad Hoc Task Groups

Group Description
Budget Reviews and approves proposed budgets; reviews and provides direction to MC on budget & policy issues.
C.3 Provision Oversight (C.3.P.O.) Assists with implementing Provision C.3. New Development and Redevelopment requirements; reviews Program C.3. work products.
Construction Addresses Provision C.6. Construction Site Control.
IND/IDDE Addresses Provisions C.4. Industrial and Commercial Site Controls, and C.5. Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination.
Monitoring Reviews and approves monitoring project priorities and products for consistency with Program goals and MRP requirements.
Municipal Maintenance Addresses Provision C.2. Municipal Operations.
POC Addresses Provisions C.11 Mercury Controls/C.12. PCBs Controls
Trash Assists Program Staff with implementing trash-related tasks and activities.
Water Utility Addresses Provision C.15 Exempted and Conditionally Exempted Discharges.
Watershed Education & Outreach (WE&O) Develops list of proposed Program PIP activities for annual work plan; works with Program staff and PIP consultant to develop PIP-related work products for Watershed Watch Campaign; assists with implementing Watershed Watch Campaign.