Long-Term Plan Draft Final Maps

Provision C.10.c of the MRP requires Co-permittees to submit a Long-Term Trash Load Reduction Plan (Long-Term Plan) by February 1, 2014.  The Long-Term Plans must describe control measures that are currently being implemented, including the level of implementation, and additional control measures that will be implemented and/or increased level of implementation designed to attain a 70% trash load reduction by July 1, 2017, and 100% (i.e., “No Visual Impact”) by July 1, 2022.

A work group of MRP Permittee, SCVURPPP and other Bay Area countywide stormwater program staff, and Water Board staff met between October 2012 and March 2013 to better define the process for developing Long-Term Plans, methods for assessing progress toward reduction goals, and tracking and reporting requirements. Through these discussions, a framework for developing Long-Term Plans was developed. The first step of the framework is the identification of very high, high, moderate, and low trash generating areas within each Co-permittee’s jurisdictional areas. Trash generation rates developed through the BASMAA regional study were used as a starting point for differentiating and delineating land areas with varying levels of trash generation. Co-permittees used local knowledge and field and/or desktop assessments to confirm/refine the level of trash generation for specific areas. As part of this process, Program staff developed guidance to assist Co-permittees in refining land uses classifications, and conducting assessments to confirm/refine trash generation levels depicted on draft trash generation maps, which will be the focal point of the Long-Term Plans.

Final draft trash generation maps and preliminary management area maps are provided below. Delineations of land areas treated by trash full-capture devices and locations of all devices installed/constructed to-date are also included in the trash generation maps.

Co-permittee Trash Management Area Trash Full Capture Area
Campbell* map map
Cupertino map map
Los Altos map map
Los Altos Hills map N/A
Los Gatos* map map
Milpitas map map
Monte Sereno* map map
Mountain View map map
Palo Alto map map
San Jose map map
Santa Clara map map
Saratoga* map map
Sunnyvale map map
Santa Clara County map 1, map 2, map 3 map 1, map 2

*Communities that work together as part of the West Valley Clean Water Program.

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