Trash Sources in the Santa Clara Valley

SCVURPPP Trash Generation and Drainage Area Maps

Baseline Trash Generation maps of SCVURPPP member agencies show the levels of trash observed circa 2009 on streets, sidewalks and other land areas draining to municipal separate storm sewer systems (MS4s). The Drainage Area maps show the land areas that are > 10,000 ft2 and directly connected to the city/town/county MS4.

How Trash Gets into Our Creeks

Trash enters our environment through direct dumping, wind, and the storm drain system.  Litter comes from all sorts of sources — including from pedestrians, overflowing garbage & recycling bins, cars and trucks with loose loads, and illegal dumping.  Explore the image below to learn about the many pathways through which litter enters our environment.

Sources and Pathways