New Development and Redevelopment Resources and Fact Sheets

1/24/2024Sizing for Flow-Based Treatment MeasuresOther Documents
1/24/2024Sizing for Flow and Volume-Based Treatment Measures (Combination Flow and Volume Approach)Other Documents
1/24/2024Sizing for Volume-Based Treatment Measures Based on the Adapted CASQA Stormwater BMP Handbook ApproachOther Documents
12/21/2023Special Projects WorksheetOther Documents
6/30/2023Green Stormwater Infrastructure Vegetation GuideOther Documents, Uncategorized, ,
4/25/2023Annual C.3 Workshop – Addressing Stormwater Requirements in Development Project Plan Review – April 25, 2023Workshops
4/19/2023Provision C.3 Data FormForms
4/19/2023New Stormwater Control Requirements for Large Single-Family Home Development Fact SheetFact Sheets
2/28/2023Annual C.3 Workshop – Part 1: Green Stormwater Infrastructure in the Public Right-of-Way – Implementing New Requirements – February 28, 2023Workshops
2/28/2023Identifying Green Infrastructure Potential in Municipal Capital Improvement Program Projects GuidanceGuidance Documents
1/12/2023Stormwater Quality Control Requirements – Information for Developers, Builders and Project Applicants, Effective July 1, 2023Fact Sheets
1/12/2023Update on Stormwater Treatment Requirements for New Development and Redevelopment Projects, Effective July 1, 2023Fact Sheets
12/20/2022SCVURPPP List of Qualified ConsultantsOther Documents
6/9/2022Annual C3 Workshop – June 9, 2022Workshops
7/16/2021New and Redevelopment Projects Litter Reduction Fact SheetFact Sheets, ,
7/1/2021Biotreatment Soil Mix Verification Checklist (PDF Form)Checklists
7/1/2021Biotreatment Soil Media and Mulch GuidanceGuidance Documents
6/10/2021Annual C.3 Workshop – Moving Forward with Green Stormwater Infrastructure ImplementationWorkshops
10/29/2019Annual C.3 Workshop – Installation and O&M Inspections of Stormwater Treatment MeasuresWorkshops
9/24/2019Drainage Management Area Summary TableForms
9/1/2019SCVURPPP Green Stormwater Infrastructure HandbookGuidance Documents,
12/4/2018SWRP Public Meetings August 28 & September 6, 2018Meeting Agendas, Presentations
11/29/2018Workshop Materials – Stormwater Resource and Green Stormwater Infrastructure Planning: Opportunities for Multi-Benefit Projects in Santa Clara Valley – 11/29/18Workshops,
11/29/2018Stormwater Resource and Green Stormwater Infrastructure Planning: Opportunities for Multi-Benefit ProjectsWorkshops
8/29/2018GSI Handbook Workshop #2 – April 24, 2018Workshops,
8/29/2018GSI Handbook Workshop #1 – April 10, 2018Workshops,
6/7/2017Stormwater Control Measure Requirements for Development Projects – June 7 and 13, 2017Workshops
4/19/2017Green Infrastructure Design and Implementation Workshop – April 19, 2017Workshops,
1/23/2017Stormwater Controls (C.3.h) Inspection Workshop – January 23 and 27, 2017Workshops
9/1/2016Integrating Green Infrastructure into Public Streets, Roads, Buildings, and Parking Lots (for elected officials)Fact Sheets
9/1/2016Greening Our Streets, Buildings, and Parking Lots (for general public)Fact Sheets
6/20/2016C.3 Stormwater Handbook (June 2016)Reports
6/9/2016Annual C.3 Workshop June 9, 2016Workshops
6/1/2016Biotreatment Soil Mix Supplier Certification StatementCertification Statements
4/25/2016Green Infrastructure Workshop – Series 1 – April 25, 2016Workshops
4/18/2016BASMAA Regional Biotreatment Soil Specification (2016)Guidance Documents
6/16/2015Annual C.3. Stormwater Workshop: “Low Impact Development and Green Infrastructure – What Will the Future Bring?” – June 16, 2015Workshops
5/6/2015C.3.h O&M Stormwater Inspection Compliance Workshop: Implementing the requirements in MRP Provision C.3.h – May 6, 2015Workshops
6/4/2014Annual C.3. Stormwater Workshop: Current Trends in Low Impact Development and Green Street Implementation – June 4, 2014Workshops
4/8/2014Biotreatment Soil Mix Research and Verification Guidance DevelopmentGuidance Documents
4/8/2014Guidance on Biotreatment Soil Mix Review and Approval OptionsGuidance Documents
12/16/2013Stormwater Treatment Facility Inspection Workshop – December 16, 2013Workshops
11/1/2012Rain Garden Fact SheetFact Sheets
8/1/2012Landscape Dispersion Fact SheetFact Sheets
8/1/2012Rain Barrel Fact SheetFact Sheets
8/1/2012Pervious Paving Fact SheetFact Sheets
12/18/2010Biotreatment Soil Mix Research and Verification Guidance DevelopmentGuidance Documents
4/9/2009HMP Cost Estimating GuidanceGuidance Documents
10/12/2006Impervious Surface Area Thresholds for Control of Hyrdomodification: an Evaluation Using Data from The Santa Clara BasinReports
6/6/2006Restricted contentFact Sheets,
4/21/2005Hydromodification Management Plan Final ReportReports
4/21/2005Hydromodification Management PlanGuidance Documents