Sources of Impacts to Creeks

What are the major stressors to aquatic life?  Fish and aquatic life need healthy waters and complex, natural habitats to thrive.  Natural stream areas in the Santa Clara Valley have fair to good health, and over half of these healthier streams are in protected areas with open space.  However, many areas have reduced stream health conditions.  SCVURPPP has found several possible sources of “stress” in these creeks, including:

  • High amounts of impervious area upstream
  • Creek habitat alteration or destruction
  • Activities that change water temperature, salinity & chemistry

Monitoring data helps uncover likely causes of stress in waterways.  Results inform local management decisions to improve the watershed long-term.  The Program will continue assessing stressors that seem to affect the health of many creeks/rivers and recommend management actions as needed.

Check out the Library for the latest findings and reports.

Santa Clara Valley creek health data will be included in the Water Quality Monitoring Data page. (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)